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Tomorrow night is the beginning of Yom Kippur, when Jewish people all over the world ask forgiveness for their sins. Personally, I don't really connect with the Jewish "religious" establishment. But to be humble enough to admit I'm not perfect, that I need forgiveness... I can relate to that. This song is built primarily from quotes from the Hebrew Bible.

Tshuva - Repentance

recorded for Yom Kippur 2015

Translation of Lyrics:

we've sinned against You, Adonai

we've not done as You've commanded

our love has grown cold

we've not walked in Your ways

as we come to Your house

our hearts broken and humbled

restore unto us the joy of Your salvation

Have mercy upon me, O God

according to your lovingkindness

according to your many tender mercies

blot out my sins, O Adonai

Based on Psalm 51:3,14,19 - Matthew 24:12 - Jeremiah 14:20 - 2 Chronicles 6:30-31

copyright 2015 Anthony Chapman all rights reserved