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"Pickford Market" is an unfiltered snapshot of a six-month period in the life of 23 year-old singer, guitarist, and songwriter Anna Schulze. A collaborative effort between Schulze and multi-faceted producer Brian Robert Jones, the album was recorded over the course of a month in Jones’ Mid-City Los Angeles apartment. Schulze’s electrifying guitarist Devon Eisenbarger, and backup vocalist Ren Farren Martinez also appear on select tracks. The songs float from punchy full-band arrangements to unconventional bass and vocal instrumental interludes, sewn together with the undertone of emotionally raw and evocative writing. From pop-production heavy tracks like the hard-hitting “Closer” and “Chameleon” to the gentler stripped down “Don’t You Fade Away” and confessional “LA Let Me Go,” Schulze offers a personal, bold candid listen.