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This album was written out of the silence in late hours of night and early hours of morning. I haven't written much music until the last few years, but growing up in New England's oldest parts definitely has played into my songwriting recently. I was inspired by late night walks around cobblestone streets and autumn forest, feeling a connection to the ethereal and the spirit of the land. Embers initially came to me in sections but most of the album was written in the fall, my favorite time of year when everything is in harvest and the first cold winds blow.

The album was mostly recorded on my laptop in a room I rent in an old colonial inn in New London, New Hampshire. Track 8 "Relics" features my good friend Evan Shaw, another talented singer songwriter who contributed his vocals and lyrics to the first half of the song. Some work was done also at a friends home studio near Concord center , Massachusetts. Thank you for listening! -Andy