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In the Fall of 2011, Andrew Osenga dropped his daughters off at school, drove to a warehouse behind his favorite burrito place, opened the door and walked into the spaceship his fans and supporters had built with him. He then set to work on "Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut", something he'd long been dreaming of. A sprawling, heartbreaking and beautiful concept record, "Leonard" tells the story of a fictional space traveler in the future. Through his flashbacks and memories, Osenga unearths his own dealings with isolation, loneliness, and why we hide from the very people who love us. Full of daring guitar work, astonishingly honest lyrics and ambient beauty, "Leonard" is a masterpiece and was on many Top Album of the Year lists. Mixed by Vance Powell (Jack White, The Shins, The Raconteurs) it is an album well worth your time. When not being a sonic astronaut, Osenga is a highly-regarded Nashville record producer (Nick Flora, Caedmon's Call, Stacy Lantz) session player (J.J. Heller, Andrew Peterson, Jars of Clay) and songwriter (Jason Gray, Chris Tomlin). He was in the bands Caedmon's Call and The Normals, has a beautiful wife, three wonderful daughters, and he bowls every Wednesday at 11:30 AM.