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Andain's story is one of divine electronica, spine-tingling lyrics and considerable patience. Clubbers worldwide began to know their music as the euphoric backdrop to the best nights out after heavyweight DJ's, world-wide, snapped up the remix of their very first track to play out and license for multiple compilations. But Andain, the band, isn't a traditional dance act. The combination of singer/song-writer Mavie Marcos' classical and rock background with producer Josh Gabriels' never ending love of early 80’s new wave, mean they balance each other beautifully. As Mavie says, “I'm usually the one pulling for the strings, bells, twinkles and melodic sounds, while Josh is great at creating the darker melancholic textures, the synths and distorted sounds to bite you and feel gritty. Beautiful music needs both of these.” You Once Told Me was released in September 2012.