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When I got the diagnosis of breast cancer, I was in a state of seemed surreal. Then the barrage of tests started which helped the doctors diagnose how far the cancer had progressed. Fear and anxiety took over. I am happy to say that I am grateful that I am here 13 years later, after two surgeries, chemo and radiation to celebrate my son Amos' accomplishments and to continue to be able to support him in his life. That's what we do, as moms, grand moms, sisters, aunts, wives,girlfriends, daughters....  I have so many people and organizations to thank for their support, without whom I couldn't have made it back to this healthy and joyful life. That is why I support other women who have also gotten this diagnosis, and I support them through supporting the organizations who are there fighting on the front lines with all of us, survivors and future survivors alike. - Loretta (Amos' Mother) *Consider thanking Amos for this free song by making a contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Net donations given to NBCF will fund their mission of saving lives through Early Detection and providing mammograms to women in need.*