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by American Standards

I am the ghost Haunts of the past Confined to thoughts Of lost happiness I have been dragged deeper Into the void Will this end This grief inside for what I once held Time must change Reaching for more from the bottom I dwell All I hope That this emptiness will soon pass Happiness A feeling of purpose I pray I can grasp Reborn Revive I fight for A new life All I wanted Was to know of a purpose to feel like I belong But knowing there was no support from you for so long You linger In the empty space inside my mind All I want Fight to distort what's engraved in my eyes Solitude A constant companion all too familiar I reach out Being dragged deeper into the void I struggle Every time I feel like I'm making progress There's always a constant reminder That dims the light That shuts a door That puts more weight on these shoulders I'm left crawling through life Hoping to reach a place of contentment But I ’ m lost