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My earliest memory of sharing music in front of people was when I was just three years old and I was not tall enough to reach the microphone. My Dad would bring a little step stool for me to stand on and sing my little heart out. Love for music grew as fast I did, and I started to hear my daydreams and struggles whispering into melodies, coming alive off of my journal pages.

As a young songwriter, spilled frustrations, first crushes and personal stories emerged into a safe and creative space that allowed me to feel, process, and heal. I laugh to myself when I look back at the very first songs I wrote and am glad that they never left my bedroom!

The moment that I shared my own music with another soul, a journey began from heart to pen and a dream was born.

Today I share the same dream with my younger self: to express, relate and connect with every person that I meet. I’ve come to realize that to make this a reality, my best efforts can only take me so far. With the support of a community, we are much stronger together than we are on our own.

Without you, my music sits quietly, my voice echoes into a vacant room, and lyrics fall asleep on their page.

Join me in bringing dreams to life!

Xx Amelia.