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Nearby was reviewed and premiered by the publication, "Stereo Embers." The following is the article written by Jen Dan:

Denver-based alt-folk/Americana outfit Alright Alright is anchored by
the songwriting team of Seth and China Kent, a married couple who merge
their personal experiences, however indirectly, with their dreamy to
direct, stylistically varied music.

Seth (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar) and China (vocals,
piano, keyboards, string arrangements) will be releasing their warm and
engaging debut album, Nearby, on October 5th via Hooves and Sugar Record Co. Stereo Embers is extremely pleased to host the premiere of Nearby in its entirety.

Nearby follows up Alright Alright’s Faraway EP from 2016. It was meant to be a bookend EP to Faraway,
but the compositions flowed from the pair and they soon found
themselves with enough material for a full-length LP. The duo produced
the record with Eric Dawson Tate, who also mixed it, and Alan Douches of
West West Side Music mastered the tracks.

The cohesive, yet stylistically diverse album segues from its dreamy,
bittersweet opener “Little Girls, Little Birds” and the instrumentally
rich (piano, violin, mandolin, and banjo!) “Too Much”, to the blunt, yet
emotionally poignant “Whisper Your Name”, captivating retro number
“Gulf Coast Highway”, uplifting, strings-driven “Be Kind” (with the
addition of an angelic children’s choir), and socially relevant
“Luckiest Girl In America”.

And there’s so much more goodness to be found between these
aforementioned songs, with each retaining its distinctive mood and
meaning, yet still connected with one another. Nearby is an
album with heart and soul, crafted with care, and highlighting the
personal, yet universal, journey of Seth and China Kent through their
lives while touching our own.

Here is what Seth and China have to say about their heartfelt debut album:

SETH: “When we set out to make this recording, our intent was to make two EPs that would be an album together; one called Faraway, which we released in 2016, and one called Nearby. In the midst of making Nearby, we found ourselves in a flurry of writing and creativity and suddenly realized that we had enough songs to make a full album.”

“The process, though, was not linear. We would track a song here and
there as we could carve out time, rather than making the album all in
one go. We worked everywhere, from our own studio built into a shipping
container, to a studio at a local college as part of a students’
recording program, and everywhere in between. Some of the sessions were
the absolute most fun I have ever had in a studio, and certainly the
most fun I have had recording my own music.”

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with everyone who
contributed, but especially with Eric Dawson Tate of /O and Ben Wysocki
of The Fray. From a children’s choir in a gothic-style chapel to working
with marching band drums in a huge studio with China, Eric, and Ben,
the result is something I am incredibly proud of. I hope it brings life
and joy to our listeners as well.”

CHINA: “Nearby is a collection of
up-close-and-personal songs that Seth and I wrote throughout the past
decade. It’s a bit of an autobiography, told in a very non-linear form.
Trauma, abandonment, grief, resilience, broken friendships, patriotism,
homelessness, and Jesus all enter our musical stage set in a thick
layer of sonic Americana.”

“However, like vignettes in a production of short plays, each song is
its own story, presented with its own musical backdrop. I love pushing
boundaries in genres, and it was so fun to record each song
individually, taking care to musically capture the essence of each
song’s story, each song’s glory, regardless of genre constructs.”

“It’s amazing to me that they all fit so well together as a
collection – from the intricately produced and honey-thick emotional
cleanse of “Little Girls, Little Birds,” to the weighty yet
stripped-down, subtle protest song “Luckiest Girl in America;” the
old-time country crooning of “By the Bed,” to the big string section,
tuned wine glasses, and children’s choir of “Be Kind.” We were kind of
ambitious with our scope; we were going for broke.”
“This entire musical adventure is a roller coaster of the best sort for
me, and experiencing it with my soul mate and our little family is the
greatest thrill of all. Terrifying at times, and exhilarating at
others, this musician’s life keeps me young and engaged with the world
around me in a way I couldn’t access otherwise.”