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Release Date - July 2017

Cover Artist - Áda Vychopnová (

Ranked #17 by NBTMusicRadio in their top 300 albums of 2017 (, this collection features emerging indie-pop and alternative artists from the US, Canada, Norway/UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain and Brazil.

This is very much a free compilation, however; if you wish to donate, all proceeds will be passed on to Equality Now: an international nonprofit organisation that works towards creating a just world for women and girls through legal and systematic change.

If you would prefer to donate directly to Equality Now, you can do so via their website:

Whilst this collection has been purposefully shaped to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience in its own right, the primary aim, as always, is to introduce new listeners to the underexposed and immensely talented artists included; if you have the means available, please do try and support those you become fond of. Purchase links and brief write-ups pertaining to each record the tracks are taken from, alongside social media links for each artist, can be found on our website: