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America's God-Given Destiny, Rev.12:14

© Allison Huntley 2015

"Could there be more than just comfort and ease

And what we think is the American Dream?

Could we be in this prophecy

To rise up like eagles wings?

‘Cause God is calling something to be

I think it could be my country.

If we remember why we are free

It would be the wind we need.

We pray

We who are called by your name.

Humble ourselves

Seek your face

And turn from our wicked ways.

Then You’ll

Hear us from Heaven

Forgive our sin and heal our land

So we can fly again.

We bow our knee

And mount on eagle’s wings

To run and not be weary

To walk and not faint.

What if we

Could be the two wings

Of a great eagle for Israel that she might fly to her place,

No dragon can overtake.

Could we have such a great destiny?

Could this be the American dream?

Fulfilling our God-given calling

But will we reach?

I pray a revival would begin

In the heart of each American.

Being the wings that Israel needs

That this world needs.

Your Spirit is what we need

So we can fly again."