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Alison Avron is a singer, songwriter and piano player. She grew up in rural South Australia and amused herself by singing in community choirs and touring with opera companies. Once she was old enough to drive and enroll at university she moved to Canberra to study music. However, an institution could not hold down this fiercely independent girl so she dropped out and started writing songs and doing gigs of her own. Alison eventually found herself living amongst the buzz and grooves of Sydney’s inner-west. She started hanging out and singing with all of Sydney's cool cats: Mahalia Barnes, Elana Stone, Abby Dobson, Monsieur Camembert - even the legendary, Kamahl! Mostly Alison Avron loves community and music. She combines these two things by hosting gigs at her boutique, New York-style intimate venue, The Newsagency - located in Marrickville, NSW. She is pretty happy to have a venue she can, quite literally, call home. It's the perfect way to perform the songs she writes for her - mostly happy but sometimes sad - feelings. Slightly manic yet completely loveable, witty and nonchalant you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone like Alison Avron.