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Natt, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, studied music production at college so was able to make this album completely his own after feeling frustrated at not being able to achieve the sound that he wanted as part of a band. He knew exactly how he wanted the music to sound, and writing and performing it himself gave him the complete artistic control he needed to produce an album of which he is rightly proud.

Alf Red’s sound is heavily influenced by the British Classic Rock music that he grew up listening to, “My Dad would always play Led Zeppelin at home and in the car, so all of that music is ingrained in me.” Natt describes the sound of Alf Red as ‘the thunder of Led Zeppelin, the mood of Pink Floyd and the eccentricity of Jethro Tull.’

"Enter Davis on vocals (and occasional flute) and we’re transported back to 1971 and the land of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and a band which never existed back then - one which combines the self-indulgence of Yes with the basic instinct of Black Sabbath." - Bristol 24/7

“with riffs that blast as if it was 1971 all over again; primal and instinctive rock is also awash with originality" - Bristol Post