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The TAMALES EP coming out today is a special set of songs that are not on my new record coming out but ones very near and dear to my heart. "I'm beyond excited to share these new songs with everyone so I can get on with my life and write more new ones. Such is a life of slavery to art -- a massive rush to create again and again. I enjoyed these songs the day I wrote them and today I drop them, like abandoned children, upon your doorstep. Be kind to them, or pass them like a hot potato to others." "Maybe some people write impersonally, creating a fictional world, like a playwright, for others to enjoy. I have seldom been able to do this, as I have found the songwriting process exhausting emotionally unless I have some proverbial gas in the tank. Joni Mitchell once aptly sang, "Songs are like tattoos, you know I've been to sea before..."Check out my new tats." Alexander Fairchild is a unique artist that is soon to be a household name. A one-man band, his songs have echoes of legends past -The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell to name a few - and he's amassed a solid community of fans via his captivating live performances.