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At its core, Alexa’s story is one of empowerment & ability to succeed in spite of all odds.

Alexa’s route has been an unconventional and often arduous one. Alexa began dancing professionally at the age of 8 with Ballet Met, Miami City Ballet, & The Harlem Globe Trotters half time show. Due to a hip injury at the age of 13, Alexa had to take time off from dancing. It was during her time off from dance she also learned she had a blood vessel abnormality in her brain which required emergency Brain Surgery. During this traumatic time, Alexa looked to music to help her get through her surgery and recovery process. She often felt she could no longer identify with her peers and took up writing and singing more to cope. Music became Alexa’s life.

Alexa has been volunteering for charities for a long time. As a child, Alexa volunteered her time performing for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital fundraisers and speaking on Joe DiMaggio’s Family Advisory Counsel. Just this year Alexa sang at The Hard Rock Cafe for St Mary’s Hospital with Nick Cannon as the host.

The Triple Threat's self titled debut Album is a compilation of sweet and soulful songs about a young and naive girl’s first touches and brushes with love. Each song is the story of a person, primarily men, who’ve had some kind of hold on or affect over the wide eyed optimist. At first, the album paints a portrait of an impressionable girl who could easily be swallowed whole by the big apple. Each song comes with a moral or a lesson learned along the way. Her resilience and drive ultimately pave the way for a personal revolution; through all the lessons learned, she is able to rise up over her obstacles and leave the nay sayers in the dust.