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A.I.R. is back! After surviving a musical, another year of music camp, and more AP classes than anyone should be allowed to take, Peter "A.I.R." Lalush returns with this free EP, New Disaster, meant to introduce you to the A.I.R. style. And what is the A.I.R. style? Songs about stuff straight from this guy's life, put over party rocking beats with an edge. "It's On" is a night-time rock and roll anthem, while "Drama Queen" professes Peter's love for an unnamed beauty in his high school Drama club. "Runaway" punk-rocks its way out of Peter's boring life, and "New Disaster" closes up the EP with a song of a friendship gone the wrong way. If you like this record, please please PLEASE check out "KICK", the full-length from A.I.R. available now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Bandcamp!