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After Avalanche is the solo project of Portland, Oregon musician Shawn Pavlas. Founded in 2008 as a way of of unleashing his unique brand of musical creativity on the side while being a guitarist/vocalist in a metal band, the After Avalanche project eventually took over. By 2011, Shawn had recorded an Indie Rock album (A Gentle Punch to The Face) and went on a self-funded Oregon to Southern California tour to promote it. Regularly playing house shows around his Portland hometown, he has gathered a loyal following and captured attention with unconventional methods of "home-made" music using hand-made instruments and gear to lay down loops and build up to catchy epic choruses drawing on influences from bands from Queen to Foster The People and Passion Pit. After Avalanche has an intense energy and passion for what he does that sets him apart from your average guy with a guitar. Currently, he is in the studio working on a brand new album called Pain Killers, a daring project that attempts to redefine the concept of a musical album as a work of fine art. Follow the progress at www.afteravalanche.com