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Thulani - Known as AFRI and some school friends call him T-BOSS to his fans have uplifted many talents & he is now a top world fast growing Afro beat musician form South Africa born and bread by form liberation struggle veterans Juilet Sibanda and Thabiso Sam Ndlovu where his mother and father of different nations South Africa and Zimbabwe met in a Soldier training camp in Zambia. Thulani have been involved in many businesses since 1998 as a senior marketing manager in many mining and construction companies and made successful records with his commitments and professional skills . he is a humble down to earth person who have been in marketing industry for years and have been in love with music since he was born. Thulani who once owned a global shinning brand AFRI EVENTS waves to all international stars and most celebrities abroad and senior business masters commenting on his skills to run a none fund-able business and turn it to a world recognized brand. He is not a politician but have been recognized with many citizens and government officials by creating jobs and sharing skills to the youth not only of South Africa and also around the globe.