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Born out of love for each other’s music and recorded entirely in green rooms while on tour together, Addendum is the joint album between Penny and Sparrow and Corey Kilgannon. Years into their friendship, with hundreds of shows under their collective belt, the idea of cutting a record together came up naturally. What started as singing harmony over old songs backstage, progressed rapidly into new melodies, rewritten verses, and original takes on their older tunes. Once the three of them realized they were onto something, they settled on a unique format: Each artist would take two of the other’s songs and make them their own.

Neither the gentlemen from Penny and Sparrow (Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke) or Corey Kilgannon are strangers to collaboration. Each has their own litany of musicians they’ve paired up with across the songwriter community. That said, in their first release together, there is a magic of congruency that occurs unlike any other group project they’ve released to date. The trio sounds like they were supposed to sing together all along. Harmonies that sound familial, lyrical themes that could’ve come from either band’s pen, and an eerie amount of chemistry are all trademarks found on the 4 live tracks of Addendum. Whether you’re listening to Kilgannon’s newly written verses to Serial Doubter, or Baxter’s lyrical suffix to Rocking Chair, or Jahnke’s fragile tenor stitching everything together, each updated rendition feels fresh without sacrificing the breath close intimacy that fans of each have come to expect.

An “addendum” is an addition or a bonus piece sewn into something preexisting. With this 4 song EP, Corey Kilgannon and Penny and Sparrow have each managed to graft new roots to the old in ways that only enrich and never take. This is a record of brotherhood. This is a record worth hearing.