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Pro dj, artist, bootlegger, pirate, poet, pauper, joker, space cowboy and midnight toker.

Weddings : www.addamidiom.com

Music : www.djaddambombb.com

Pictures : www.theilluminatedpixel.com

DJ ADDAMBOMBB : DJ Addambombb is a North American alternative dance disc jockey, electronic music producer, remix producer, and artist whose work "has earned him the title "King of Halloween" among his fans in the [gothic] club scene” (quote from Lesley Bannatyne in her book "Halloween Nation"). He was the first place winner of Angelspit's "The Product" remix contest and his credits include being the first DJ interviewed for a Vampire Freaks webzine series in 2009, DJ Addambombb has also been the DJ for the annual Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball since 2004.


Addam suffered a head injury at the age of 12 which resulted in a completely deaf right ear and severe persistent tinnitus. One member of a UMass Amherst study group called it 'the worst [case they'd] ever seen'.


As a five star rated DJ with Premier Talent Group (1995-2000), Addam received numerous awards including "DJ of the year", "best in sales", and "most requested DJ" and performed at over 1000 events. Some highlights included dj’ing for Jim Henson Productions, the Phantom of the Opera cast Halloween party at the Wang Center, and a residency at the Polo Club (Providence, RI).

In 2000 Addam founded addamidiom:productions to promote his independent club events, concerts, arts and mobile dj work. DJ Addam specializes in alternative weddings and has performed at hundreds, including that of MA’s first openly gay representative, Carl Sciortino.

As a subcontractor with Scratch Events (2010 - 2015) Addam performed at numerous high profile events including Fashion's Night Out with Kat Von D at Sephora NYC, FNO with Clinton Kelly for Macy's Herald Sq, FNO for Steve Madden NYC, for Puma at the Boston Marathon, and as featured guest DJ on the Norwegian Epic. He also performed at fashion events for numerous brands including Sephora, Guess, Calvin Klein, GQ, Anne Taylor, Oakley, H&M, and the Gap.


DJ Addambombb’s residencies/rotations for dark alternative dance clubs have included Haven (Northampton, MA), ManRay (Boston), Ceremony (Bos), The Wicked Party (MA, DC), Bottle Rocket (Bos), and Spellbound (DC).

He has been a headlining DJ for gothic / industrial / electronic festivals including the Official Salem Witches' Halloween Ball, Dracula's Ball, Triton Festival, Salem Vampires Masquerade Ball, Black Sun Festival, the Salem Retro Zombie Ball, Alex Grey's Deities and Demons at CoSM, Endless Nights, and Junction NYC.

Addam also toured as the headlining DJ for events at the Melodrom (Germany), Element (NYC), Rebel (NYC), Nation (DC), Club Saphir (Montreal), Fusion (IN), Parallax (OH), Club Hell (RI), Fusion (RI), Club Orpheus (MD), Heaven and Hell (DC), Empire (VA), Axis (Bos), Shampoo (Phila), QXTs (NJ), the Roxy (Bos), House of Blues (Bos) and many more.

Addam has also booked, promoted and produced independent concert events in New England featuring The Cruxshadows, Rasputina, Gene Loves Jezebel, Sister Machine Gun, Ego Likeness, Aryia, Bella Morte, Razed In Black, Voltaire, Stromkern, Battery Cage, You Shriek, Incus, Imperative Reaction, Christ Analogue, One Of Us, ThouShaltNot, MindField, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Android Lust, I:Scintilla and others in the gothic / industrial club scene. Addam has performed as a feature dj at concerts with Aesthetic Perfection, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Combichist, the Dresden Dolls and many others.


DJ Addambombb has produced remixes on official releases by Angelspit, the Spider Lilies, Lorelei Dreaming, Psyche Corporation, Phoenix Noir, Hardcore Pong, and The U Project, and independently released an EP of original music titled "How To Train Your Robots" in 2017.

DJ Addambombb’s first solo single “Could It Be” on Boy Ball Records was released on 6/6/6 and reached #3 in "Glam", #10 in "Goth" and #36 in "Electro" categories on the Myspace Music charts in 2007.

He has also produced dozens of bootleg remixes and edits that feature in his sets, many of which are on his "Bootlegger's Banquet" album download as free releases.


As a photographer (The Illuminated Pixel), Addam has had photos published in the Boston Globe, Suicide Girls, as a series of section covers in the Boston Phoenix, the Valley Advocate, Hampshire Gazette (Northampton), and Gazelland NYC. He shot the cover photo for "The Book of Mischief" by Steve Stern and for David Rosen’s Reason8 fashion campaign.

Addam’s photography and paintings have featured in solo art shows including ManRay (MA), the Paradise (MA), Origins Gallery (PA), Soho in the Burg (PA), Fusion (IN), Pan 9 (MA), and in group shows at CBGB's (313 gallery), Highland Artists Group (MA), and La Fete Du Sisk (MA). He has curated and participated in shows at ManRay, Ceremony, Haven, Black Sun Festival, Middle East Nightclub, and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket.

Other projects include Addam as a muralist for Project Street Art in Stroudsburg, PA, and fire breather with Michael Pope's "Psychotronic Circus" at Avalon, Boston and at the Dresden Dolls “box parties”. In the early 90’s he performed and recorded as a drummer with glam band "Foxxen", also formed and directed a Rocky Horror shadow cast called "The Seduction Production" at Cinema 35 in Paramus, NJ. Addam’s first job was hawking games at NY Renaissance Faire as a teenager, he later made and sold chainmail jewelry to shops including Hubba Hubba, Body Xtremes and Gypsy Moon under the brand "Nightwear" - he also starred in a Body Xtremes tv commercial as a model. More recently he has performed as a fill-in electronic percussionist with St Griselda and won a Billy Idol look alike and karaoke contest.