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Nashville, TN has long been associated with country music, although in the midst of its hype, the rock ‘n roll scene is on the rise and growing. Adalene is one of the bands leading the charge. Adalene consists of members from top local and nationally signed/touring acts from around the United Sates whose paths crossed in Nashville. Vocalist Brett Moyer, guitarist Corey Rozzoni (ex- Burden Brothers), bass player Jonathan Stoye, guitarist Josh Mitchell, and drummer Jeremy Moore (ex- Faktion) bring their experience to the stage, engaging their audience with phenomenal stage presence, delivering a power-packed show and keeping their fan base broadening. Stylistically, Adalene has been compared to the Foo Fighters, Muse, and Incubus. Their debut EP “Night on Fire” was released May 8, 2010. Since the release of the EP, the band has been spreading the word live, including opening slots for Bush, Red, Fuel, Framing Hanley, Hinder and many more. The band recently completed a new EP entitled "Atlantic Heart" for release on April 9th, 2013 on Idol Records and plan to tour tirelessly through the first half of 2013.