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God's Words From A to Z

"I know of no other single practice in the Christian life more rewarding...than memorizing Scripture." -Chuck Swindoll

These A to Z Scripture Memory songs will take you on a journey that begins with our sinfulness, runs to the cross of our Savior and ends with the joy of heaven. The music is energetic and diverse, including jazz, classical, bluegrass, reggae, country, pop, rock, Indian, Celtic and folk. It's loved by kids of all ages...and their parents love it too!


"We have listened to it now over and over. It doesn’t get old. My kids are now singing Scripture all day long. Big kids or not, they love this CD!"- Laura,

"My children dance and sing with the cd, and have requested it for their breakfast background music. I find myself mindlessly singing the tunes and then grinning as I realize what I’m singing… Scripture! Promises! Encouragement for my day! amy'

"We absolutely LOVE God's Words from A to Z. Our daughter Sienna listens to and sings all the songs all day long. We had to buy a second copy because we listened to it so much, it scratched from moving it from house to car everyday. Thank you for making this amazing CD!" Susan, Wilmette, IL

"God's Words A to Z is a wonderful way for the whole family to hide God's words in their hearts. My three year old has learned all the verses in the CD and asks to listen to the CD every day in the car. It's one CD I never get tired of listening to." Seju J IL

WHY SHOULD YOU GET THIS CD? fill your heart and mind with God's Words, the fountain of wisdom, delight, peace, comfort, guidance, hope, confidence and strength memorize 26 essential verses in a very enjoyable way help your kids learn the alphabet and memorize scripture at the same time make each verse a part of a short family devotional or Sunday School lesson

Our own 2 year old daughter, Zoe, and 4 year old son, Zach, memorized all 26 verses in a week! Without fail, they would ask to hear the CD every day and have way too much fun dancing and singing along with it. We hope each of these verses will bring comfort, hope and peace to many children for the rest of their lives.

Every dollar you contribute to the tip jar will fund the mission of sharing God's life-giving Word with children in this country and all around the world. Thank you so much!