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"A voice that is big, powerful, and beautiful...Abbie will take you back to the soul of a small club in a big city with her modern spin on a reminiscent, jazzy vibe". A singer who has sung with big bands, orchestras, and small combos Abbie is now making herself known as a songwriter. Her own music blends together elements of Pop, Classical, and Jazz , can be heard on public radio and burgeoning internet radio stations, her newest album recorded live. The album, Journey, features arrangements by pianist and music director Dean T. Marcellana with original songs co-written by Stands and Marcellana. Abbie has teamed with singer Kristyn Murphy for a new touring cabaret production, "Lovers & Monsters" set to debut in NYC in April 2016; Stands will be co-starring in the two woman show and has also written several new pieces to be featured in the production.