From A Band Banned From After School

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Meadowlark Irving:

Born from the inkwell on Halloween 1962, barely missing the stroke of midnight where his birth could have fallen on All Saints Day which is said to be the reasoning for his stroll down life's unseemly path. In 1970 he was slated to be in the children's education program "Don't Be A Dope", an anti drug campaign. However, co-star Fat Albert's fame overshadowed Meadolwark. The combination of his depression and heroin allegations drove Meadowlark to be blacklisted from the media. He can now be found around his Greenwich Village neighborhood or on assignments for Teach For America.


Bambo was the first of the band to be put to paper in 1931, making him the eldest of the bunch. Bambo refused to play roles and walked away from cartoons due to their rather bigoted overtones at the time. He disappeared from the public for a time moving to the heart of Brooklyn, far from Los Angeles. He made weekly trips into Manhattan visiting jazz clubs. Through his experience, Bambo befriended many jazz greats and during the late 1950's he could be found sitting in with the likes of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver, and Charles Mingus. He was in talks to play on the Bill Evans fueled Miles Davis album, "Kind of Blue", however they a public feud grew over who had a raspier voice. In 1973, Bambo met Meadowlark Irving and roomed together in Greenwich where he studied beat poetry.

Willy the Wino:

Originally, William was a creation by Jim Henson in 1975 for the first season of NBC's Saturday Night (later to take the name Saturday Night Live). However, the "Dregs and Vestiges sketches were chosen over Willy's boozy act. He then befriended comedian Richard Pryor and musician/poet Gil Scott-Heron backstage at SNL on December 13th, who both helped jumpstart his habitual lifestyle. For years Willy was homeless and wandered through life aimlessly. He could be found sleeping in a trash can by the old bloody tree in Washington Square Park. He would later try his hand at comedy by performing short sets and the Comedy Cellar (management would throw things). He eventually would read poetry at The Fat Back Pussy Cat & Village Underground, where he would run into Bambo as the jazz head was leaving the Blue Note. From here the trio was complete and they would wreck havoc on mankind for the rest of history.