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The Tin Man is Aaron Parnell Brown’s sophomore album filled with soulful and sophisticated songs such as “Just Leave,” “I Believe in You,” and “Changes” that show the growth and maturity he’s experienced since his first album Sing (released under the name Aaron & The Spell) came out in 2012. The title The Tin Man refers to all the changes that have come to his life over the last several years such as falling in love, pursuing a full time music career, and conquering personal challenges. Brown explains it, saying “As in the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man found that he always had a heart, but it was just rusty…through the success of my last album, I’ve found where I need to be. I was lost in many ways, but now I’ve found the love and purpose in my life to give my music greater meaning.” Not only has The Tin Man been an expression of his personal growth, but it also is the first time he has included cover songs on one of his albums. Not content to just simply copy a song note for note, Brown has an included two cover songs from some unlikely sources with the first being a simmering emotional take on Elton John’s song “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” and the second song being a very simple yet powerful version of The Black Keys’ song “Everlasting Light” which strips away all the bells and whistles and focuses on the simple yet powerful proclamation of love in the song.