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ROSS CHRISTOPHER is the forward-thinking orchestral indie/folk singer-songwriter, amassing tremendous grassroots support. After 10 albums recorded and released, his music remains honest, exposed, mature, and "intensely original...creating gritty textures, delivered with confidence and zeal."


"Only a violinist, with the keen ear for how a single note can be played, manipulated, altered and strung together for dramatic effect...This is a beautiful collection of rich colors, and vivid imagery spanning the grandiose and deeply personal."

-Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay)

"Ross is an endlessly talented musician..."VEIL" shows this off beautifully! Honest and thoughtful." -Sleeping at Last

"Ross Christopher has again constructed a sweeping project (Great Blue Heron) that is at once dense and light...he has carved out a space of his own that defies easy and quick comparison... well done Ross!" -Matthew Odmark (Jars of Clay)

"VEIL is an incredibly creative alternative-folk album...it's raw, subtle, and tells stories that need to be told!" -Ardent Records

// LIVE // ROSS CHRISTOPHER is notorious for his live show, which has landed him on bills, festivals, and touring with the likes of Sleeping at Last, Jars of Clay, Colony House, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sucre, Guster, Kishi Bashi, The Wallflowers, Robert Randolph, and many many more.

It's no surprise that ROSS CHRISTOPHER has toured the United States playing more than a thousand shows, and has sold thousands of CD's internationally.