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Singer-Songwriters of Dallas, Texas and their friends have joined together to support Moore. As artists we have little to offer, but what we DO have is our art, which each of us create for the common good. When faced with the devastation we decided to offer our music to our friends and fans for free, and in return ask you to "TIP" and help us raise support for the people of Moore. Every dollar that is given will go to organizations who already have teams on the ground in Moore. We ask of you to please, give generously to the people in need. PLEASE HELP US TURN OUR SONGS INTO RELIEF FOR THE PEOPLE OF MOORE. Dallas For Moore is an eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, Alternative, and Faith based music, by Dallas Artists Including: Cameron Ernst, Kirk Thurmond, Levi Smith, Joe Moralez, Jon Abel, The Walla Recovery, Micah Peacock, Wendy Austyn, Caroline Cobb, Zach Balch, Kim Edwards, Sean Carter, Tyler Ellison, Karyna Micaela, Trae Castles, Evan Page, Todd Wright, Becky Middleton, Ty Mayfield, Luke Huch, James Peel, Ellen Hinton, Jennifer James