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"Hallel Psalms" is our sixth "crowd sourced" compilation. This collection of songs meditates on Psalms 113-118 often called the "Egyptian Hallel." They were traditionally sung during passover, were sung by the disciples at the last supper, and make a fantastic set of texts to guide worship and devotion during Holy Week (March 25-30).

We hope that this album will be an encouragement to you as you seek to bring the psalms into your worship. We think this collection is a wonderful picture of the eclectic variety in which we can approach God's ageless songbook. May you see and hear Jesus as you sing them.

- Many thanks to Dr. Scott Redd for writing an article for us on the Hallel and Christian Worship. This is included in the album download. - Thanks to Christ the King, Raleigh and the Liturgy Fellowship community for the continued support and encouragement. - For more information visit our blog post.