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We met at approximately 2545 m, and learning to play music together. Approximately 2547 received an honorable mention (4) of the contest. At school (and never won anything anymore Bay! 555)

Approximately 2548 to disband the old each. "Pig Lower trim" those cruising bass lurch.

The 2548 - 2552 by the pigs started her music career. The Northeast First time (that I wrote myself, because I know the author).

Approximately 2552 pigs to come back to Bangkok, food to order, but the glasses and pork meet again. And glasses, I made an album this year has ome back together again (I did not sell fried basil).

This year the band was honored to attend the drive FAT festival 9th album release distribution.

Approximately 2554 to ecstasy but not the majority. Not skilled to suck

2554-2556 will be approximately one to do the pig's Jack started playing professionally again by entering the outskirts of Bangkok glasses metal stick Ohm law.

Current 2557 Ohm heartbroken wife left you the best glasses collection new band without a drummer bay, but we will descent on the indie music to one stage remaining. Near the age of the rock band 30 + years experience pain over here. And start making music New album