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I was born in the hood of Orange City FL raised in the slums of Orange Ave aka Elm st with the hustlers, druggies, killers, prostitutes, pimps, players, ect. We where stereotyped for just being where we where from, so we started to live up to the labels that were put on us as kids. I guess you can say we became a product of our environment. I fell into fast money, cars, girls, weed, and alcohol. Even though my mom had me in church every Sunday, I played football in high school and even wore a supa'man cape to school, I stayed in the studio, but lived an undercover hood life. I meet Mat and Johnny they introduced me to New Life Bible Church where I got saved, but i was back sliding trying to get my life right. I started to do gospel hip-hop and get more involved with the church slowly changing my ways. I joined the Marine Cor. went to Iraq God blessed me to come back and blessed me with Romario, my son. there is more but no space long story short God changed me into who IAM 2day