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Representing the next generation of Electronic Artists to come out of Canada and continue the tradition started long ago, Whats Dope is becoming one of the fastest rising artists on the music scene. Raising his game to the standards of international artist was a necessity as he balanced the passion and the pitfalls of the music business. Since he was a child, music has been the brainchild and creative outlet of Whats Dope. Starting his journey as a pianist for over 10 years, Whats Dope uses music as a spiritual influence, allowing him to channel all of his energy and thoughts in to his mixes. Raising the bar in Toronto’s rave scene, he has hosted unforgettable rave parties over the past 2 years, influenced by his friends and underground artists such as Hooker, Dolphin and DJ Dan.

Whats Dope brings the heat in every uplifting but truly Electro remixes, injecting his own style into the already stellar original. Upbeat, bouncy, catchy… his remixes are sure to leave your ears burning and the soles of your shoes melted to the floor. All of his music is completely free to all fans and available everywhere via digital download. Check out


for upcoming shows and music.