@_wbh & @_hudsy : Mary Christmas

Mary Christmas

@_wbh & @_hudsy

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@_wbh & @_hudsy

Classical : Psychedelic

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Amy Grant, Michael English, Christmas Music, Michael Buble, Ludwig Van Beethoven



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The story of @_wbh (previously @wesbjames) & @_hudsy: In every sector there are innovators. Steve Jobs, Skrillex, Bill Gates, Ron Paul, Michael Jackson- the list goes on. Unfortunately innovation is not popular and every industry eventually dries up. Life-long friends Wes Hill (@_wbh) and Hudson Ford (@_hudsy) found the industry of Christmas music to be old and stale. So they decided, like those who had gone before them, to innovate. But to innovate in such an organic way, unlike the world had ever seen. In an innovative and organic leap, @_wbh and @_hudsy recorded their music using only an iPhone. No external loops, effects or tracks. The result was eargasmic! In another step of innovation @_wbh & @_hudsy decided to give all their music away for free. Add using twitter handles as their band name and all that is left,is a suss pool of organicity! The only thing @_wbh and @_hudsy ask in return for the enjoyment you receive from their music is that you live as an organic innovator.

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