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“MEEK” is a summation of the talents and acumen of Donavan Van Rooyen and Emile Hay.

Donavan and Emile met through bands and musical projects they had both been involved in over the years. The duo had noticed a lack of diversity among the long list of gifted artists in South African Heavy Metal. For a time, Donavan was left to his own devices, dabbling in one dead end project after another. It was at this moment in history when it was decided that he would ardently pursue his passion in Progressive Metal.

The gifted aficionado began constructing a sound to match the individuality of his concept. He would then call on Emile Hay, who had also had his fair share of ups and downs behind the scenes, to join the fray. Emile Hay is best known for his extraordinary and unique vocal capacity. The duo would then begin conceptualizing and drafting their plans for an EP. Once all the ground work had been laid, it was time to bare down and start recording. The EP, now midway to completion (at the time of biography) is set to dominate the underground airwaves with a totally unique and abstract sound. The group themselves could not be more excited than to hear/see the public reaction to their offering.

In “MEEK’s” own words, “We don’t want people to pin us as a “one trick pony” band”. They would rather pin you to your seat while each track washes over and envelopes you. MEEK describes their songs as each one having their own character and personality. MEEK promises to bring something new and fresh to the South African Metal Community and then the world.