From Wayne Dawkins

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Wayne Dawkins a long time producer of tracks for dance and easy listening finally decided to pick some of his favorite beats to drop lyrics to. 'This party Don't Stop' is the first in a series of cds to showcase over ten years of fresh beat making. Not to mention the raw lyrics from the many underground battles. Topics ranging from life, love, sex, drugs, guns you name it. Most of all is the very interesting reading material found on the inside cover. LOL. The original cd actually had 16 songs. After 3 months of gathering impressions from a host of listeners, 12 of the favorite tracks were chosen for this cd. There is never a dull moment. You have to listen over and over again. Each time you will say to your self 'How did i miss that'. Upon listening to the full track (Not a preview) you will realize the time an effort put into making this cd that almost didn't get released.After fighting depression and attending massage therapy school. The artist found new direction. Wayne had to face so many adversities which the average individual would have probably committed suicide going through. There is an over tone expressed throughout which are clearly songs written from the artist's life experiences. There are many artists and albums out there. Many of which are damn good. This Party Don't Stop will be one of the albums you reach for when it is time for you to escape and be entertained.