Soft and memorable. But even impulsive soundscapes.Hear the sounds and enjoy this world, in which you can sit back, dance, cry, laugh or get goose bumps - no matter what's in your mind, it's possible. Let your emotions run wild and give your senses what they deserve.

Get a taste - let it metamorphose into an effect.

After hip hop - productions and numerous attempts to find themselves in the music, the two, once "Dafoe Studios" guys from Berlin, now embarked on a path that could not think of many. Despite everything, they have found themselves in a music project.

They are grown on the music and started in winter 2007 "visan.Ambient". The name stands for the ideas that can make the listener in each song.

Titled "Melodic Experience" to describe the two as a creative and comprehensive travel with their independent sound. The listeners get varied and lively songs, and enjoy the atmosphere that has created visan.Ambient emotional.

It is worthwhile for anyone who stays for a change, even at home or on the weekend and would like to switch off in the week.

At the moment they are working on the album "Autumn Heart". It should be very versatile, breathtaking and atmospheric.