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The Variety Picnic started in 2009 as a podcast. It became a musical act after the podcast failed. Patrick Mahan, one of the founders of the podcast, was instantly inspired by fellow podcast contributor Kevin Morse. Never before in his life had Patrick met anyone that could be described as abnormally normal. The song Ode To Morse was born and was followed up soon with a music video.

The video received a great response from those who were familiar with Kevin Morse. Patrick then decided to pursue the creation of a comedy concept album with a broader appeal. Over the next several months, Patrick composed dozens of songs from which to build the “Sweet Jams” album. As new songs were completed, Patrick sought to produce comedic music videos to accompany them. Frequently appearing in the videos is Earl Babbich, world class gentleman and one of the planet’s greatest guitarists. Earl appears in most of Variety Picnic’s videos during the Sweet Jams era.

In March 2010, Sweet Jams was released. A release party was held in Orlando, FL and featured the groups first live performance. Their music video for "Babymaker" was nominated in Big Vision Empty Wallet's Best Comedy Short competition in New York City.

The group took a break for the remainder of 2010. Patrick moved to New York City. Earl returned to the ranch. Kevin stayed in Florida.

Patrick continued to work on new songs. On the one year anniversary of Sweet Jams in 2011, it was announced that a new album was in the works. Patrick recruited more of his friends to take part in the new album to make the group more powerful than ever.

A few singles were released over the next few years including the world's first ever country western synthpop song "Neon Lasso".

The "Synth City" EP was announced in August 2014 and will be released on September 2nd, 2014. While their debut album "Sweet Jams" leaned much more on comedy, the songs featured on their new EP are more serious than anything the group has ever produced.