From The Unlikelies

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“God has chosen the frail and the weak (his church) to display him to the rest of the world through their lives, their service, and their surrender to him - these concepts pop up all over the album “ – Travis Swan. When Travis Swan and Katrina Stone collaborated for the first time in 2005, it was unlikely that anything would come of that four-hour songwriting session. Facing differences in musical influences and disparate upbringings, they penned the first track of their album The World Will See. These two musicians found some middle ground by fusing elements from their musical preferences to create a fresh, new sound. Swan and Stone come from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. These two musicians desire for their music to touch the hearts of worshippers and ultimately, help them see Christ. "I distinctly remember the lyrics of songs” says Swan. “I hope one of these songs gets stuck in someone’s head for a few days and helps change someone’s life."