Unleashing Vengeance

Unleashing Vengeance

Boston, MA

For Fans Of

Kreator, Harlott, Shadows Fall, Vreid, Nile



Unleashing Vengeance was an extreme Experimental metal band from Boston that played thrash metal from 2002-2009, in 2010 the band became more of a melodic, metalcore/melodeth influenced thrash/prog band, and then played more metalcore and Folk Music influenced thrash/prog from 2012 and later. The folk elements are coincidental at best, they were not added on purpose, I didn't even know HOW to write folk melodies, but I ended up writing melodies that ended up sounding somewhat folk music influenced by accident. The guitar sound is brutally overdriven to the point where the notes sound artificial at times in later material...

We broke up in 2015.

Members -(2002-2008,2009)

Z.A. - Vocals

K.S. - Everything Else

Members - (2010-2015)

Z.A. - Vocals/Drums

K.S. - Guitars

P.F. - Drums

D.R. - Bass