Twin Forks : An Introduction To Twin Forks

An Introduction To Twin Forks

Twin Forks

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“Whatever makes the audience stomp their feet and sing at the top of their lungs, that’s what I want to be doing,” says singer/guitarist Chris Carrabba of TWIN FORKS. Pulling together friends from other bands, and old friend Jonathan Clark on bass, Carrabba harnesses the acoustic spirit of his work with Dashboard Confessional and channels it through the rootsy classic folk of his childhood. These songs are anthemic enough for massive singsongs and personal and intimate enough for listening on an iPod. Twin Forks' self-titled debut album is available now worldwide. This 4-song sampler includes the lead single "Back To You," fan-favourite "Kiss Me Darling," never-released b-side "Good and Slow," and the now classic "Cross My Mind."

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