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->KingDom<- A.k.a Coogi Bugatti A.k.a TuTT- A Young Artist Coming Out Of 1 of The Toughest Places In The World Oakland, Cali. Im a Man of GOD first, a Realist, a Artist (Music, Poetry, Film), Activist, and Freedom Fighter. I believe that all men are created equal jus some grow wiser than others/most. I think the way we are living in todays world needs to be changed, we need more scholars and LESS felons. I am a firm Believer That Herbal medication Is the Best source of medicine known to man besides Meditating. I Want Knowledge to spread an be taught and Truth be reviled to every one "Blind" to the facts of whats REALLY going on around them. KNOWLEDGE is POWER & TRUTH is the KEY. #Doomilluminati "Knock.Out.Boiz-K.O.B-Knowldge.Ova.Bullshit" love&liveLIFE (It Is Time to rise up as people, as a Nation, as a part of humanity and take back our Minds and Elevate 2 come in tune as "1" & with the earth & everything around us "#")