The Oath Between Us : Look at my Empire - Single

Look at my Empire - Single

The Oath Between Us

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The Oath Between Us

Metal : Hardcore

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August Burns Red, All That Remains, Parkway Drive, Like Moths to Flames, Of Mice and Men





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Look at my empire. Look what I've made. There are many that aspire to be where I am today. But I tell you this my brother. I tell you this my friend. Power's a hateful lover that brings you to wit's end. Death awaits those who lust after power. Once you've had a taste, it rises up to devour. I saw you fall and rise, embrace what you despise. Let it go. Can you let it go? Has it become so necessary? Symbiotic. Symbiotic. Your ship's sinking. What will you do? Captain! What will you do? Sinking, sinking, sinking. Can't you tell the water's filling your lungs? Can't you tell your breath's growing short? Sinking deeper.

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