This Royal Nation : Now And All At Once EP

Now And All At Once EP

This Royal Nation

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This Royal Nation

Pop : Indie

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The 1975, Colony House, Switchfoot, Paper Route


Boise, ID

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Now And All At Once was born out of the most turbulent and defining period of my life to date. The idea behind this collection of songs is that perspective is the root of all our actions. Perspective is located at the bedrock of our lives. It's both why we do things and why we don't do things. These songs are looking for hope amidst the heartache. It's my rallying cry against cynicism and despair. My life felt like it was thrown in the spin cycle and thrashed for all it was worth. My perspective was tried in everything from the death of someone close to me to the loss of my job and the birth of my first child. It became painfully clear to me that perspective was something I had to choose and that I couldn't wait for it over night. I couldn't expect it to come find me in my darkest hour. Perspective has to be chosen now and all at once. This is my lifelong song. It's my anthem and my reminder. I hope these songs serve you well! // David J.

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