The Wallings Jr. : Before the War Sampler

Before the War Sampler

The Wallings Jr.

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Before the War is the debut full-length album from the Wallings Jr. Comprised of husband and wife Taylor and Courtney Walling, the duo has previously released acoustic Eps, homespun recordings in friends apartments and afternoon one-offs in studios. Partnering for the first time with producer Vince Emmett, and recorded at Melody Hill Studios south of Nashville, TN, Taylor and Courtney have created their first concept album.

Before the War is a collection of songs inspired in part by letters written to and from civil war soldiers and their families and loved ones. As a whole, the album grapples with peace, war, violence, faith, and love. How do these elements interact when conflict seems inevitable? How does being in a war change a person?

Throughout the album, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of young men headed off to war, of lovers torn apart, apocalyptic visions, of lives warped by violence, and ultimately of the joy of going home and reclaiming your identity. Fittingly, the final track Last and All finishes with, "If you call, don't call me a soldier. Just call my name when I come home."

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