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The Shadowboxers

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The Shadowboxers

Pop : Indie

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Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Allen Stone, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder


Atlanta, GA

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The Atlanta-based Shadowboxers have a passion for captivating lyrics, tight harmonies and soulful vocals. The founding members Scott Schwartz, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman met at Emory University. They experienced an almost-instantaneous musical compatibility when they first started jamming and forged a cohesive sound based on a shared reverence for strong three part harmonies, R&B and alternative rock. In 2011, they released an EP produced by Shawn Grove (Sevendust, Collective Soul) and Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra). The band just recorded their first full-length album, produced by Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews) and engineered by Chris Bell (U2, Erykah Badu). “Red Room” will be released this fall.

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