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If life is measured by our leaps of faith, then singer-songwriter duo THE SEA THE SEA (Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley) has found a way to catch us midair as we jump headlong into the infinite abyss. Their debut album LOVE WE ARE WE LOVE, produced by Todd Sickafoose (Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird), finds the duo in suspended animation, exploring moments of the unfolding future through their sincere, storyline lyrics, intimate harmonies and emotive sonic landscapes. The album is an ethereal force, blending their two voices to form a single sound that is at once effortless and powerful, demanding full attention and further listens. Their name, The Sea The Sea, is borrowed from the ancient Greek soldiers’ cry of joy when returning home from battle. In this NoiseTrade special THE SEA THE SEA offers a sneak peek of 5 tracks from the album before its official release date (February 25), plus a bonus live track!