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Drawing inspiration from each successive wave of garage rock, The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro. Pairing dizzying cacophonies of angular riffs with sweet indie pop melodies, The Rare Occasions have crafted a multifaceted and charismatic brand of indie rock. The Boston-via-Providence quartet’s three self-produced, critically-acclaimed EPs demonstrate the band’s capacity to keep the listener in anticipation, from the blistering psych-anthem “Dysphoric” (Feelers) to the dreamlike “Bug Eyes” (Futureproof). This variability and depth of styles, layered with lyrical themes of existentialism and self-reflection, are what both define The Rare Occasions and set them apart.

Lead vocalist Brian McLaughlin and Drummer Luke Imbusch started playing music together in high school. The addition of bassist Jeremy Cohen and lead guitarist Peter Stone at Tufts University in 2012 led to the formation of The Rare Occasions. The band first turned heads in Providence, Rhode Island when they won the WBRU Rock Hunt, headlined the Summer Concert Series at Waterplace Park, and performed in front of packed audiences at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel and The Met. Meanwhile, they built a dedicated Boston following, playing at parties and tearing through the club circuit.

The Rare Occasions went on to perform for festival audiences at SXSW and CMJ, as well as open for international touring acts, including Smash Mouth, Guster, Dirty Heads, Lupe Fiasco, AJR, and Knox Hamilton. "Dysphoric" took home the coveted ‘Song of the Year’ award in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2014.

This year, The Rare Occasions have widened their scope, moving to Los Angeles and bringing their music to the West Coast. In the midst of all their live shows, the boys have been mixing down a set of new material, so be prepared to see more of them! In the meantime, get a taste of what’s to come with new single “Backwards.”