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The California based “adventure folk” quartet, The Manx, fused together in 2010 when Tommy Meehan (banjo), Myke Chilian (accordion), and Adam Barnes (double bass) met while playing the Los Angeles underground circuit in slightly harsher ensembles. Their shared love for metal, noise music, and tacos bonded them immediately, and the idea of forming a band of their own became imminent. Abandoning their electric instruments and adopting an earthier/more traditional tone, they recruited Zach Zdziebko for mandolin duties and started writing and recording their own blend of folk-core. Titillating tales of madness and murder wail violently through The Manx’s gritty meat whistles. The band blazes through progressions and melodies with a fury previously unbeknownst to the forests of folk music. http://open.spotify.com/album/1AbX1ZTVUO5pfTKmoWm191