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An examination of depression and suicidality in the form of music. There is an ironic shadow lingering behind these loud and often abrasive tracks. I do hope you are able to feel some sort of emotion while listening, as I know this music allows me to actually feel something more than pure apathy.

Review excerpts:

"The EP is really dark in the sounds and settings, creating a really particular contrast between the space and ambience - reminiscent of post-rock and post-hardcore - and typical lo-fi black metal aesthetics, including a synth works that reminds me of the late Burzum." - The Bandcamp Diaries

"In my opinion this is another great sound recording from The Last Surrealist and if you are a fan of experimental and atmospheric sounding black metal, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "She Is Clenched In The Teeth Of Zombies". RECOMMENDED BUY." - OccultBlackMetalZine