The John Doughton trio : Pull up Your Socks and Pretend That You are a Bus Driver

Pull up Your Socks and Pretend That You are a Bus Driver

The John Doughton trio

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The John Doughton trio

Alternative : Acoustic

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Five Iron Frenzy, Joel Hockey Movement, Bad Buskers, Annoying other people




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Imagine 2 Beatles Albums mixed in a blender with a Coldplay's X&Y, Taylor Swift's Fearless, Live's Selling the Drama , blended with Run D.M.C's King of Rock and then poured through a strainer and what do you have left? The John Doughton Trio's album Pull up Your Socks and Pretend that You're a Bus Driver is what remains. It may not be as good as the other ingredients but sometimes that is where it is at. Enjoy songs that encourage Bus drivers to wear their socks high and proudly, Songs that inspire you to try a different juice to the regular juice you would find at your supermarket, songs that makes you ask questions that you thought you would never ask and that you will never know the answers to, there are notes included in the download if you do want to know what inspired Bin Night, I'm Sorry, Green Socks or any of the other songs that you may enjoy or endure. For 5 years this album largely remained unheard.... maybe that was a good thing, you decide.

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