The John Doughton trio : Equal Rights For Traffic Lights

Equal Rights For Traffic Lights

The John Doughton trio

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The John Doughton trio

Comedy : Acoustic

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Five Iron Frenzy, Joel Hockey Movement, Bad Buskers, Annoying other people




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Celebrating it's 10 Year Anniversary since it's celebrated* release, Equal Rights For Traffic Lights sold over 300 copies^ and was a favourite to many people` This 10th Year Edition also includes 3 previously unreleased songs, one which is a recipe for some sort of cake in song. Make it and Bake it and see what it makes. Hit songs like Zero Shoes which features Grace Bolt was recorded at Jungle Sounds by Dean Glass. Zero Shoes mixes Shoes with Democracy. Other Hits include All The Girls, I'm Sorry, Bin Night, Eskies R Better Than Fridges and Fake Chicken Pox. * Not sure of who actually celebrated. ^ Sold over 300 copies includes the 50 or more that were given away. `not sure of names of people who think it's their favourite nor would their opinion be credible if they think it's their favourite.